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Linking the social to the physical - debating the role of architecture in the contemporary city

David Adjaye, Ricky Burdett, Craig Calhoun, Saskia Sassen, and Richard Sennett | Linking the Social to the Physical This event is open to the public with photo ID.

Dec 1, 2010 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
20 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003

This event will bring together noted urban theorists, scholars, and architects to debate the role of architecture in contemporary cities.

The event will begin at 5:30 on the 5th floor of 20 Cooper Square with a reception. At 6:30, we will move to the 7th floor where Ricky Burdett, on the occasion of his appointment as the newest Global Distinguished Professor at NYU, will deliver a keynote lecture, followed by a panel discussion.

Ricky Burdett, NYU Global Distinguished Professor and Professor of Urban Studies at the London School of Economics

Panel Discussion
David Adjaye, Principle of Adjaye Associates
Richard Sennett, University Professor of the Humanities, NYU
Saskia Sassen, Co-Director, Committee on Global Thought, Columbia

Please note that Rafael Vinoly will unfortunately be unable to join in the panel discussion as previously announced

Craig Calhoun, Director, Institute for Public Knowledge, NYU

MORE INFORMATION AT THE LINK http://www.nyu.edu/ipk/events/141

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