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Linking the social to the physical - debating the role of architecture in the contemporary city

David Adjaye, Ricky Burdett, Craig Calhoun, Saskia Sassen, and Richard Sennett | Linking the Social to the Physical This event is open to the public with photo ID.

Dec 1, 2010 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
20 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003

This event will bring together noted urban theorists, scholars, and architects to debate the role of architecture in contemporary cities.

The event will begin at 5:30 on the 5th floor of 20 Cooper Square with a reception. At 6:30, we will move to the 7th floor where Ricky Burdett, on the occasion of his appointment as the newest Global Distinguished Professor at NYU, will deliver a keynote lecture, followed by a panel discussion.

Ricky Burdett, NYU Global Distinguished Professor and Professor of Urban Studies at the London School of Economics

Panel Discussion
David Adjaye, Principle of Adjaye Associates
Richard Sennett, University Professor of the Humanities, NYU
Saskia Sassen, Co-Director, Committee on Global Thought, Columbia

Please note that Rafael Vinoly will unfortunately be unable to join in the panel discussion as previously announced

Craig Calhoun, Director, Institute for Public Knowledge, NYU

MORE INFORMATION AT THE LINK http://www.nyu.edu/ipk/events/141

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About John Berger

Let´s meet John Berger's work at the link http://www.johnberger.org.
According to this website, "John Berger is a storyteller, essayist, novelist, screenwriter, dramatist and critic, whose body of work embodies his concern for, in Geoff Dyer's words, "the enduring mystery of great art and the lived experience of the oppressed."
He is one of the most internationally influential writers of the last fifty years, who has explored the relationships between the individual and society, culture and politics and experience and expression in a series of novels, bookworks, essays, plays, films, photographic collaborations and performances, unmatched in their diversity, ambition and reach. His television series and book Ways of Seeing revolutionised the way that Fine Art is read and understood, while his engagement with European peasantry and migration in the fiction trilogy Into Their Labours and A Seventh Man stand as models of empathy and insight.
Central to Berger’s creative identity is the idea of collaboration, with people, places and communities as much as with other writers and thinkers. Democratic and open exchange is embedded into his project, and among those artists with whom he has worked are some of the most imaginative in their fields - theatre director Simon McBurney of Complicite, the late artist Juan Munoz, photographer Jean Mohr, composer Gavin Bryars and film-makers Mike Dibb, Alain Tanner and Timothy Neat.
Due to the range of his work in all media, the totality of John Berger’s achievement is often overlooked. His internationalist perspective, and refusal to be contained within narrow definitions of what might constitute the life of a writer, has meant that few perhaps have encountered the full body of work. Here Is Where We Meet intends to place this unique oeuvre in context, and through it to consider what it means to be a committed artist in a rapidly changing and challenging period of our history".

Veja apresentação da Razorfish sobre a nova classe média na internet!

A Razorfish, uma das principais agências de publicidade digital dos Estados Unidos que inaugurou recentemente seu escritório brasileiro, lançou uma pesquisa muito interessante sobre o comportamento dos internautas da classe média ascendente na América Latina (Brasil, México e Argentina).
Esta pesquisa foi financiada pelo Portal Terra, um dos clientes da Razorfish e sua apresentação de resultados (ministrada por Joe Crump, vice-presidente de estratégia e planejamento da Razorfish em Nova York) pode ser acessada através do site da agência ou do link abaixo no slideshare.
Vale a pena conferir!
Ótimo conteúdo para curiosos do mercado e academia ;-)!

LINK SITE RAZORFISH - http://www.razorfish.com
LINK SLIDESHARE APRESENTAÇÃO DA PESQUISA - http://www.slideshare.net/razorfishmarketing/stampede-5566798